Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We innovate in materials, shapes, textures, printing, finishes, processes and in the use of technologies that reduce and minimise the impact of our activity on the environment.

EGISA has a team dedicated to responsible innovation. This transversal group, made up of specialists from different departments of the company, researches the latest trends in the sector; it tests, discards and approves new materials and new applications or finishes. This innovation work is of great value to our customers and allows us to offer innovative packaging solutions that are more and more linked to sustainability. Our range of eco-responsible solutions enables our customers to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging and improve its recyclability.

Being at the forefront, offering innovative packaging solutions with the most advanced technologies on the market, is part of our DNA.

In terms of technological innovation, EGISA has always strived to position itself as a pioneer in its sector. One of the key factors of the success of our company is the constant search for productivity improvements. To be the most productive company in its sector, EGISA follows a constant investment strategy, tests and regularly purchases equipment that allows it to improve its productivity and be more efficient.

In 2021, the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation awarded us the Innovative SME seal, a recognition given to SMEs that have carried out research, technological development or innovation activities in recent years.

We are very proud to be awarded such a distinction, which recognises our work, our capacity for innovation and our commitment to R&D.