Bestheim or the legend of the "Moon Hunters".

Do you know the legend of the Moon Hunters?

From the meeting of man and nature this legend was born. In Alsace, every village has its own history.

Today we travel to the heart of gastronomic Alsace to discover its unique flavours.

Bestheim’s story begins in the village of Bennwihr, the stronghold of the famous “Mondfangers”. 32 men of character, free and daring, who have always dreamed of reaching higher and higher… of reaching the moon.
The entire team at Bestheim | Vins & Crémants d’Alsace works day after day according to traditional methods to create wines and Crémants d’Alsace of which they are proud, renewing their commitment to quality every day.
As for the packaging, it couldn’t be otherwise.
Bestheim has opted for folding boxes whose quality matches the product they contain; individual folding carton, boxes for 2 and 3 bottles with die-cut windows, without plastic, which also serve as separators between bottles; soft-touch finish, glossy/matt varnish contrast, and integrated carrying handles cut out of the cardboard at the top of the pack, for optimisation of shape and material.