Celebrating 60 years of history with a new logo!

We are happy to share a very special moment in our journey: our 60th anniversary! From our beginnings to becoming a pillar of the industry, this journey has been marked by dedication, passion, artistry, innovation and the commitment of our entire team.

And what better way to mark this moment than with an exciting change: the restyling of our logo! Our logo is more than just an image; it represents our history, our values and our vision for the future. For six decades we have been growing, evolving and this logo change reflects our continued commitment to innovation and excellence.

Our new logo retains the essence of our heritage, but with a fresh, contemporary feel that reflects our evolution as a company. We believe this update will help us stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace, gain personality and continue to be recognised as a leader in our industry.

We have opted for a restyling rather than a new design, giving the typography more weight and adjusting the spacing between letters. As for the cube, we think it describes our activity very well, but over the years, this little box that has always accompanied us was starting to feel too generic. We have chosen the capital E as a starting point to create a new cube, the EGISA cube. The sides of the box echo the E, making us think of a serial production and transmitting an idea of decoration on top of the cube.

As for our new claim, “Bringing Packaging to Art”, it conveys very well what we are all about: innovation, packaging and art. It describes EGISA’s vision as one that elevates packaging to the same level as a piece of art. It suggests a transformation of packaging into an extension of the product that not only fulfils a practical function, but also communicates values, aesthetics and emotions, creating a unique experience for the consumer.

We hope you love this logo change as much as we do!

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Here’s to 60 years of success and many more to come!