Cold foil stamped metallised folding carton

This FSC-certified cardboard box is made from natural and renewable raw materials from responsibly managed forests. The metallisation of the carton is achieved by cold foil stamping, applying the aluminium in an extremely thin layer (6000 times thinner than a human hair) only where it is necessary, leaving no plastic on the packaging and optimising the production process to the maximum: reduction of raw materials used, recycling of used PET reels, no plastic residue on the packaging, no tooling required for metallisation (saving on the cost of the plates). In addition, metallisation, printing and the application of gloss and matt varnishes are performed on the same machine, in line, in a single pass. These monomaterial boxes, which are delivered flat, are fully recyclable in the paper and cardboard stream. 100% of the energy used to produce these folding boxes comes from renewable sources.

BrandMaison FerrandProject10 Générations Édition Limitée (Year of the Rabbit)Year2023

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