Eco-designed holographic packaging

In their initial brief, and before they even started working on the box design, our client conveyed to us their desire to develop a secondary packaging that would combine sustainability and sophistication. With the primary packaging design, our client proposes a new solution to the market (reusable/refillable bottle), with an emphasis on sustainability but without losing the sophisticated and attractive look, so they wanted the secondary to be consistent and convey the same values. Our client therefore opted for a single-material box, made in a 100% FSC-certified virgin fibres cardboard, sourced in Europe, thus guaranteeing its sustainable and ethical origin. As for printing, selective holographic cold foil stamping, the white of the material dominates, limiting the quantity of ink, printing in offset 1 black colour only. No lamination, use of a glossy protective varnish + soft touch varnish, in order to facilitate the recyclability of the box.

BrandPepe JeansProjectBright

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