Limited Edition Packaging for Jaime I de Torres Brandy

The series Oak Canvas by Torres Brandy fuses brandy and art to support young creators and turn the exclusive Jaime I brandy into a collector’s item.

This new limited edition, launched at the end of 2023, is dressed in the vibrant colours of the Catalan artist Mireia Ruiz. Born in Barcelona, she defines herself as “a colourist artist”. She bases her work on experimentation with colour and uses geometry and symbolism to endow it with meaning.

On the packaging of this second limited edition, Mireia Ruiz depicts symbols such as the hourglass, which represents the time, patience and constancy required to make brandy; the lock, which evokes the place where the distillate is kept and aged; the ladder, which reflects evolution and constant improvement; and the ant, representing the vineyard and biodiversity.

The packaging, designed in the form of a frame case, made of robust cardboard, offers total visibility of the Jaime I bottle placed inside. Inspired by the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudí, the bottle was designed by Japanese architect Hiroya Tanaka, with its characteristic shapes and curves evoking nature.

Jaime I is the result of a slow and sophisticated artisanal elaboration process and a long ageing process using the traditional “solera” system, which gives it complexity and elegance. A brandy certified with the PGI Penedès (Protected Geographical indication) that boasts exceptional ageing.

BrandTorres BrandyProjectEdición Limitada Jaime IYear2023

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