Freixenet 2-in-1 bagbox solution

We received this challenge from our client Freixenet who, for the launch of one of their brands, wanted neither a paper bag nor a cardboard case… but both!
So our structural packaging team worked on the subject and designed this 2-in-1 bagbox system which features the following advantages:
– handy to carry
– saves storage space for wine merchants and retailers
– uses less raw material than a bag or a box (weight reduction)
– shows the labels or sleeves of the bottles placed inside
– tailor-made, therefore adaptable to several bottle shapes (including the champagne bottle)
– made of cardboard, without plastic, therefore perfectly recyclable
As for the material, we used a 450g 1 side coated kraft cardboard, for its robustness, its excellent printability, and its natural look. Moreover, this material is made with up to 15% recycled fibres. Black and gold printing on a pearly white background and protection varnish. Tab closure.

BrandFreixenetProjectLa vida es como la celebras

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